Purposefully spreading AIDS

Purposefully infecting someone else with HIV? I thought that was limited to the dark, underground alleyways of San Francisco. It happens here in Sri Lanka as well. I do feel pity for those who do that but at the same time cannot accept what they do. A close friend of mine, who is a well known clinical psychologist revealed this information. She told me that she cannot inform the police due to client-patient confidentiality. She revealed this information when I asked her clientele. He clientele includes gays (ego-systonic homosexuals) who are proud to be gay. They are not upset about their sexuality. The goal of therapy is not to convert them to heterosexuality. I just want to say that gay activists tends to think that psychologists who helps patients to shift their sexual orientation towards heterosexuality are either using quack methods or is old fashioned.

Be careful.

President of the APA, talking at NARTH. How ridiculous?

President of the American Psychological Association, talking at NARTH. How ridiculous? :) NARTH also has changed it's stance, which is a good thing that should be appreciated.