Purposefully spreading AIDS

Purposefully infecting someone else with HIV? I thought that was limited to the dark, underground alleyways of San Francisco. Turns out that it happens happens here in Sri Lanka as well. I do feel pity for those who do that but at the same time cannot accept what they do. A close friend of mine, who is a well known clinical psychologist revealed this information. She told me that she cannot inform the police due to client-patient confidentiality. She revealed this information when I asked her clientele. He clientèle, among many others, includes rainbow-flag-waving-proud-gays (ego-systonic) and people who are distressed with their sexual orientation (ego-dystonic). I would recommend her as an unbiased psychologist. I want to say this since gay activists tends to think that psychologists who helps patients to shift their sexual orientation towards heterosexuality are either quacks, or are being traditional, over-religious and old fashioned.

President of the APA, talking at NARTH. How ridiculous?

President of the American Psychological Association, talking at NARTH. How ridiculous? :) NARTH also has changed it's stance, which is a good thing that should be appreciated.