Anderson Cooper comes out as gay


Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper has declared that he's gay, and much of the Internet on Monday pretended to shrug. "Pretended" is the operative word.

“Tell me something new this morning,” a commenter wrote on “I thought it was common knowledge that he was gay,” another added.

Cooper’s sexual orientation has indeed been common knowledge — and for a long time, one of the media business’ open secrets: whispered about, never confirmed on-the-record, sometimes to the point of resentment. But Cooper’s coming out, even if it were no real surprise, still clearly matters to a lot of people.

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How does “Therapy” works

People have different attitudes towards therapies that attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation. Some of them are true and some are wrong.  
An ethical therapists do not judge a patient's sexual orientation. It is up to the patient to decide whether homosexuality is fits him or not. Mental health professionals believe that homosexuality is a natural variation of human behaviour. 
Therapists will try to address the insecurities, inferiority complexes within the patient which decreases the confidence of the patient. Therapists will try to enhance the masculine traits of the patient. Patients will be asked to look at the opposite sex from a different point of view. Patients will be asked to associate women they find attractive(not sexually). Therapists will try to bring out a wholesome gender out of the patient which would in return automatically increase the patient’s opposite sex attractions.
Therapists will not guarantee an exclusive heterosexuality. It is not realistic expect such things since the patient’s life has been conditioned by same sex stimuli for a long time. In some cases people do not change at all but they says that they have become better homosexuals. 
Therapists will not force a patient to repress/control homosexual feelings. Therapists would most often use techniques like masturbatory reconditioning/orgasmic reorientation in dealing with same sex feelings.
The whole political/religions aura around homosexuality is not relevant to the therapist. If a person is suffering and homosexuality comes in between the patient and his/her happiness he/she will be offered treatment.
Therapy will not be coerced or forced upon an individual. It doesn't work that way.
It is a must to check whether the therapists is qualified/licensed that she has a PHd in Psychology.
This is not a clear cut description of the nature of the therapy. Often times mental health professional will develop a therapy that is customized to the nature, experience of the patient.