Quit being gay's First ever post

I think the title of the blog will give you a glimpse of my blog. Its pretty straight,isn't it? I have been a "gay" for years and I was so convinced about the biological basis of homosexuality that I was very close to come out of the closet.  I was so overwhelmed about homosexuality that I was so happy when Ricky Martin declared that he is a proud gay. :P I am not homophobic. I think they have an awesome lot of potential. Like creativity. But they are mislead by the so called libertarians. I used to believe in all those biological,social,empirical and religious arguments favoring homosexuality. But I always wished to get married to a woman and have kids.

There is nothing inherently wrong with homosexuality, or according to APA there is nothing wrong per se. :)  It is not a choice one makes, like whether to go to Harvard instead of MIT. Experimental homosexuality doesn't count. Nobody has the right to judge someone else's sexuality.  Nobody has the right to decide whether a person should be straight or gay. As I mentioned earlier there is nothing wrong with two members of the same-sex have a sexual union. It does no harm, as far as I see. But there are kinds of typical/common behavior associated with gay life style. Promiscuous sexual behavior is one such clear pattern among gays. HIV and other STD is skyrocketing among gay community. Substance abuse, including smoking and alcohol is high among gays. Clinical records show that body image issues, depression, OCD and anxiety is clearly frequent among gays.

Ego-dystonic homosexuals are dissatisfied with their orientation.  WHO's diagnostic manual advises affirmative/conversion therapies for ego-dystonic homosexuals. Some call it reparative or re-orientation therapy. It is unethical for a therapist force a patient to take either of the choices. Patient's wish to change his sexual orientation,is supported by the therapist and it is followed by effective sessions of psychological counselling.

With the help of psychotherapy you can quit being a homosexual. You have the potential and strength. I know Its hard,But I must say that It's really worth. You will be free from the misery of judging your sexual orientation. You wouldnt have to worry whether you are attracte to men or women. Please reply. I love arguments. Wish you all the very best and courage to fight unwanted-homosexuality.

Cheers and ♥ to you all


  1. You have said that "But I always wished to get married to a woman and have kids", which clearly means that you are bisexual not homosexual. I'm
    a homosexual and I don't have feelings for girls.I'm sure that you haven't loved a guy. you may only had sexual feelings. But I loved a boy and I wanted to live with him forever.I never wanted to marry a girl.
    It is easy for bisexual guys like you to quit from it. But you can't say the homosexuals to quit from what they love. Dear friend, everybody is not bisexual. So there is no cure for it. Don't confuse homosexuals any more.
    The ego-dystonic concept have also removed from USA. It is caused by the social pressure.

    1. Oh no, I never identified as my self as a bisexual. I thought I was born gay. Do you think that every gay person doesn't dream about marrying a woman and having children? I don't think so. There are even gay men who are married with kids. Same is true for lesbians.

      There is a difference between sexual attractions and personal goals, dreams and beliefs.


      You are different. I'm different. People are different. I have loved so many boys and I wanted to live with them forever.

      Well these labels should always be used within quotes because there are no perfect homosexuals or heterosexuals as far as I know.

      Trust me it is not easy to change my self. I don't expect a full heterosexuality. I still get attracted to men.

      I'm not asking every gay person to quit being gay. I want to help gays who wants to change.

      Ego-dystonic is removed from APA but its mentioned indirectly in the category "sexual disorder not otherwise specified" including "persistent and marked distress about one’s sexual orientation” APA's decision to remove homosexuality was not based on research but on political pressure. Ego-dystonic sexual orientation is is in the ICD (WHO's classification of disorders)

      You seems to be pretty happy about being gay. You shouldn't worry. But please pass the message for gays who would like to change.