You can quit being Gay if you want - A reply to a facebook post.

The very important discussion made within the Facebook’s SAKHI group is not open to public now. The group which stands for equality for all have hypocritically banned me from their group. According to SAKHI they are “a peer support group for GBT”.  Also the administrator decided to halt the conversation, abruptly. In a way it is good. Two reasons. Repliers they themselves will be able to cool down and see that their prejudiced minds have prevented them from seeing the truth. Anybody who reads the conversation as a whole would understand what’s happening there. Often the replies were out-of-the-way. They were not focused on the subject of the conversation; the outdated video “Is homosexuality a choice?”.

Why Reparative therapies have been there for a long time?

No they don’t make money by marketing reparative therapy. There is a very famous doctor in Sri Lanka who asks only 250/= rupees (around 1.5 $) from a patient. University lecturers are not paid an extra salary for teaching that homosexuality is not biological. And they don’t “have pre-conditioned views concerning the "wrongness" or the "evilness" of it”. Psychologists and Psychiatric specialists are bound to respect the choice of the patients. If the patient believes that he or she should continue to be homosexual, the specialist will help him or her to deal with the depression and other problems caused by the homosexuality.

I have more than enough mentioned my motifs here. I want to create a better environment for ego-dystonic homosexuals who are seeking reparative therapy. But you guys are like the champion out-of-the-track runners because you assumed that I’m a plainly anti-gay. Some of my answers might have implied such things, but it was your call. Deciding whether you should change is a very difficult task.

They are not after money, if they want to market conversion therapies they would put advertisements. And I didn’t find any such ads or even a website unfortunately.

Reparative therapy does not lead to Suicide or Depression, they actually prevent suicide and depression arose due to homosexuality.

There is no clear indication that reparative therapy made the boy in George Recker’s case, commit suicide. Only his mother says so. She must be feeling very sad like every other mother, I feel sad too. Therapy was given a very long time ago. Dr. George Reckers is not a closeted gay. He replies “It is surprising to hear that the focus of your article is the trip I took to Europe in which I had simply hired [the man] to carry my luggage as a travel companion… That fact is not the least bit newsworthy.” Dr. Reckers had undergone a surgery at that time. This kind of mudslinging, defamatory info will not hide the truth. After all it was just a photo. There is no proof to prove that the Dr. Reckers was a client of the male prostitute involved in the scandal. If you are to believe in internet scandals, you’ll have to believe that Anderson Cooper [the CNN representative who brought the news out] is gay as well. If he is so, he might be biased.

Exploiting Buddhist teaching to support homosexual political propaganda

Yes Lord Buddha had provided connotation about “anatta” in Dhammachakkappawaththana . You should also compare the intellectual capacity of the listeners in that historical event. If you look at the Pali Canon you won't find them addressed at all. There are records of “anatta” but they were not made my Lord Buddha. “Anatta” can be interpreted in a way which implies that there is no self. If there is no self, for example there is nothing wrong in sexually abusing your own daughter or killing your mom since everything [including astral body and physical body] is made of apo, thejo, wayo and patavi. That’s the danger of misinterpreting “anatta”. There are very clearly, defined and clearly observed reasons for the phenomenon of homosexuality. I have discussed about an environmental factor above; the parental influence. But none of you rejected and it was purposefully ignored.
Some people are not proud of their sexual history or even their own sexual thoughts. You are proud of your sexual history and you are OK being gay or Bi. I feel happy for you. You are an ego-systonic homosexual. I have not expressed anything against your kind.

Over generalizing of the women’s preference for anal sex that most women like it!!

You tried to generalize the fact that women in general like anal sex. I absolutely disagree. Most of them don’t as far as I know. Some of them HAVE to do so in order to save their marriage or relationship. Or to keep their husbands away from other women. It’s not mutual and often forced. Anal sex is often not motivated by love, generosity and understanding. A mutually understood couple will not need such things to keep their marriage/relationship flourishing. On the other hand there are researches done on preferred sexual practices. Please refer them. You can’t generalize you single experience on all the women. If you are sooo concerned about prostate stimulation of you, your boyfriend or the woman who do it with every tom and dick in the county, there are less painful and sensual ways to do that.

Mouth and Anus : two opposite ends.
You cannot compare mouth and the anus. But you can contrast them with the extremely different kinds of bacteria living in different ends. After all kissing is mouth to mouth. What you say you do is genital-anal, mouth-anal not anal-anal, which is impossible.

Anal sex is not a way of birth controlling
There are condoms and other modern, decent ways to birth control. Anal sex cannot replace condoms. Be careful of your promiscuous sexual behavior, since you simply don’t seem to use condoms. You might get infected with a sexually transmitted illness.

Homosexuality and Buddhism
This discussion was about the disastrous video. Look at the chronology of the discussion and see who brought out that topic. What I have said in my blog is true. It should be discussed there. On the other hand its homosexual activists who misuses Buddha’s teachings to justify sexual behavior. Lord Buddha never acknowledged homosexuality. He HAD to do so once when it was occurred among his follower-monks. There are accounts of other sexual philia like necrophilia, pedophilia etc. He must have refrained stating anything about homosexuality since it will create great public unrest and a Yes or a No will be misused. This conversation is a very fine example. When Lord Buddha’s step mother Maha Prajapathi together with Yashodhara asked for monkhood, it was rejected. However they were given monkhood under rigid conditions. They had the keep a specific physical distance from male monks. And Lord Buddha was not called an anti-feminist. What kind of problem would arise if a homosexual monk wanted to enter the monkhood?? There is a list of conditions under which some cannot enter the monkhood. And also in another occasion Lord Buddha advised Bakkula who entered monkhood solely for the attraction to Lord Buddha’s body. Anyway all forms of sex increase lust, craving, attachment to the body. Therefore Buddhist teachings should not be exploited to justify sexual behavior, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual. Why I don’t like is that, you using Buddhism to support your biology-centered theory of homosexuality, which discriminates people who seek reparative therapy, who thinks that their homosexual addiction is preventing them from being their true self and happiness. Lord Buddha probably had a purpose, when he decided not to say anything about homosexuality. Buddhism believes that like heterosexuality, pedophilia, necrophilia and Buddhism are humane and all these based on lust and cravings.

It’s happy to know that gay population is turning towards Buddhism. May they enlighten themselves that too much of attachment, lust and cravings will lead to suffering.

You are desperately trying to justify your arguments by saying that lots of gays are becoming Buddhist. That’s because Buddhism is a tolerant religion. Not because of the reasons you have stated in your unreasonable arguments. Homosexuals, Thief’s, rapists, pedophiles and killers are also welcomed in Buddhism. Welcoming doesn’t imply that they accept their rightness of behavior. Leave religion aside, this kind of reasoning is simply illogical.
Consenting Adults theoryHomosexuality doesn’t always suggest the sexual activity between two people. Homosexual is a homosexual whether he has sex with another or not. Heterosexual individuals do not need each other’s consent to get attracted to each other. It happens naturally as homosexuality. But it is not biological.

To : To Denver Peterson]
In replying to your cowardly deleted post, I must ask you to respect one’s the right to privacy. Your deleted comment clearly shows your anger and prejudice. I know what environmental and the dithery biological factors which made me a homosexual. Don’t put the lives of your “friends” in jeopardy. That’s very selfish. I am not sure whether you are a true friend to your friends. And FYI I never quoted from the NARTH’s articles in my last post. And I was providing scientific evidence. Their articles are very simple and straightforward. You have nothing to say against anything they say. You are preconceived with the idea that NARTH is a group of Anglicans. I bet you did not read any of those articles based on recent scientific studies conducted by scientists who don’t have connections to NARTH. And you are just worried that I’m quoting from NARTH. There are millions and billions of articles in the www. But it is really hard to single out the truth. To do that you don’t need have any IT knowledge. Yeah the replies are long, because I have to answer several of your comments, and had to waste my time on your repetitious “yanne koheda malle pol” counter-arguments. That’s simple as that. I know what my priorities are. Don’t call me “sweet” because now clearly know you mean one thing and say something else. I am not depressed. I used to be depressed at one time I thought that life is not worth living. I think that I’m living the happiest days of my life. Not sure whether it could get better.

As you said you are homosexual because you feel so, I know who I am and what my sexual preference is.

If one person sees this and realizes that change is possible, that’s enough for me. I think I have already achieved that. Your imprudent counter arguments helped in that process. Thanks

[To Anson Holzer]
There is nothing to be proud of sexual history. Sexual activities are based on lust and attachment to the body. And wherever there is pride there is prejudice. It is good that you are not embarrassed about your situation. But not all homosexuals. Some are very embarrassed and they would like to keep it a secret. Some develop depression and suicidal thoughts due to that embarrassment. They should have the right to seek reparative therapy. Isn’t that equality is all about.

You summed up your reply, suggesting me to change my religion to Christianity. That’s very funny because it reminds me of various Sinhala idioms. We don’t follow religion, due to religions stance on human sexuality. Commonsense comes before religion. We do not, kill, abuse, steal or get high because Lord Buddha said us to do so. That’s common sense.

It is not a choice. If it was a choice nobody would choose to be gay. Sexual orientation is shaped through childhood experiences. It is not biological.

There are lots of so called “literati” parrot-fashion Buddhist preachers. But the true understanding comes from within, not from what you read for your degree or any other illogical evidence.

We should not use Buddhism to justify sexual activity. All forms of sex increase lust, craving, attachment to the body. After all I didn’t use Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism or Islam etc. to base my views. Unfortunately I had to bring out facts from Buddhism here since Buddhism was used to discriminate the rights of ego-dystonic homosexuals. The purpose of my blog or comments is to support the homosexuals who seek conversion therapy, not to discriminate homosexuals. Writing anything against homosexuality will further depress them, and it will be counter-productive.

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