Special Note from the Blogger

Months ago when I started blogging, I wasn't sure about what I was talking about. I thought may be there is nothing “negative” in being gay after all. Why try to change? It is still the same. But with complete assurance that It is possible.  It has happened. And I’m vastly benefitted by the choice I took months ago to change my self.

I find it very amusing and happy whenever I am attracted to a member of the opposite sex, which I thought was never possible. It is like I’m reliving my adolescence. This whole new experience solved a labyrinth of problems.

Therapies attempting to change sexual orientation cannot be forced upon anyone. It is not done and It is impossible. Self motivation is CRUICIAL. So homosexuals who decide to go “gay” should go ahead and be gay. But they should stop spreading lies that being gay is “good” and it cannot be changed. While being gay, they must admit the fact that human bodies are not made for homosexual intercourse, therefore unnatural. And that very-most homosexuals are not born gay. Biological factors may contribute but they are not in anyway decisive.  And that there are much much more productive/positive alternative to gay lifestyle and that it is free will to seek change with professional help.

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