How far can a Condom protect you?

Whether you are gay or straight a condom will not guarantee that you won't get a sexually transmitted illness. But it is still BETTER to use a condom since it greatly reduces the risk.

Except for few, gays engage in risky promiscuous sex. (You are free to disagree, this is a blog and I have the total right to say what I feel) There are very many Facebook groups, discussions, threads, and various sites dedicated to network sex mates, which proves the point. Often these include graphic images and descriptions of their bodyparts, thickness, height and whatnot.

United States - Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that even though only 4 percent of men in the United States are MSM (Men who have sex with men) account for nearly half of the (approximately 1.2 million) people living with HIV in the United States. Percentage of young gay men who have been infected with HIV and the percentage with AIDS is much higher than other groups such as heterosexual people or children. It is worthy to note that topics like STD and sexuality are openly discussed in countries like USA.

The Condom: No Guarantee 

Against AIDS

Not just for anal

Gay people engage in oral or anal sex since they don't have anything else to do. Most people find anal sex very painful and oral sex quite unhygienic. Oral, anal or vaginal sex WITHOUT proper use of a latex condom or other barrier methods can transmit STDs including HIV. So, you need to wear a condom even if you gonna have oral sex. 
Anal sex is especially risky because it often causes bleeding. You can even get throat cancer from oral sex, says American Cancer Society Chief Medical Officer Otis Brawley, MD.

Even Kissing

Unless you do take your partner to a dentist for a full examination, kissing is dangerous.  STDs like herpes could be transmitted, just from kissing someone on the mouth. And while experts believe the risk of catching HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) from kissing is low, someone who has a cut or sore in the mouth has a chance of infection during open-mouthed kissing.

Don't have sex. Some gives too much importance to sex. 
Abstinence is the only sure way to avoid getting an STD.

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