HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka on the rise


Extracted from DailyMirror – on World HIV prevention day.

Someone reading above stats might come in to conclude that heterosexual relationships are the root cause of the epidemic. But it is worth a while to bare in mind the hetero:homo ratio of population before jumping in to decisions.  Distribution of condom to prevent AIDS should be appreciated. But it has its limitations. There are some sexual acts (which can spread the epidemic) where contraception cannot be used and useless. So the issues like promiscuity and the importance of sticking to a one partner should be prioritized.

Gay activists complain that the stigma attached to homosexuality is the barrier in preventing AIDS among homosexual populations but the things are not different in Netherland which is said to be the haven of the gays. Homosexual community remains the most affected/high risk group prone to the epidemic. Same is true for USA where only 2% of the population identifies themselves as gay but accounts for 62% (Centre for Disease Control: USA) of the new HIV infections.

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