Being Gay is an absolute 100% CHOICE

Stupid gay activists (which forms the majority) has been desperately hanging on to the "no choice" argument, since lately. The below linked article summarized the illogicality of the whole "no choice" fallacy. The author is not a Christian but a devout atheist. 

What I would like to add is the fact that being GAY is an absolute choice. I have seen people being gay suddenly. They all start acting differently. Waving the rainbow flags. Having shawls over the shoulders. Wearing bright colors. Earnings. Parading. Coming out. Facebook statuses and what not. Even the tone/intonation of their speech becomes different. They start to walk differently. Might go for linen trousers instead of denims. Will wear flip flops. Will stop shaving and start growing long hair. Gay is a pure social construction that was a bi product of the American sexual revolution in the 90s. HIV Aids is another by product. Suddenly people started seeing homosexual and gay related stuff on mainstream movies and shallow sitcoms. If you switch on your TV to watch a tele-drama you will often come across direct or indirect portrayals of homosexuality. Glee, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, Will and Grace are few to be mentioned. I should dedicate a another blog post to analyze the Glee's gay agenda. All the effort is to portray homosexuality as something normal and something very common.

Being gay is a choice, but it might not be the same for homosexuality. Homosexuality is a psychological condition that lots of people have control over. If needed (as with the case with ego-dystonic homosexuals) It can be shifted with cognitive behavioral therapy. I have no clue about the efficacy about the much hyped reparative therapy.

As the APA has rightly posited, there is nothing wrong with homosexuality PERSE, but the arguments used by today's gay activists are ridiculous shallow, pathetic and illogical. To self proclaim that "I'm Gay because I dont have a choice" is actually demeaning and insulting to the homosexuals. If someone can say the he/she chose to be gay, that would be noble and interesting.

The minority of the good homosexuals (who often doesn't want to identify as gay), doesn't give a rat's arse about the origins of homosexuality or the choice factor. They just be homosexual. And don't have the need to fight for stupid rights. They are happy with what they have. They are free from inferiority complexes and obsessive desires.

Choice argument is highly irrelevant and will do more harm to the homosexual community.

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