Buddhism and Homosexuality...continued

The first thing I would like to say from the Buddhist perspective is that, whenever we have a hard decision to make or hard choice to make, we must look at our minds to see if we have, what the Buddha calls, “perversions of thought”; that we should not make our decisions or actions out of fear, out of desire, out of ill-will and stupidity.

When we talk about the 3rd precept, of sexual misconduct, it literally concerns adultery or illicit sex, especially between a man or a woman who were not married and that concern sexual relations that were considered inappropriate at that time, but it certainly does not include homosexual and lesbian activities.

look at homosexuality in the same light as heterosexuality, in other words if its a loving, caring, non-exploitative relationship, with consenting adults at appropriate age, there seems to be nothing morally wrong with it.

…So if you are born with those tendencies, accept those tendencies and learn from them and certainly make sure that your homosexual activities are kind, warm and loving, and that you don’t abuse those sexual urges. I think that the greatest danger of homosexuality is the abuse of their sexuality, just as sometimes men’s sexuality is abused with prostitutes.

The above lines are a part of a Dhamma talk made by Venerable Ajahn Brahmavamso that I extracted from a Buddhist blog, to which I mostly agree. Ajan Brahm is my favorite of all. His book “Opening the door of your heart is my all-time favourite dhamma book.

But, Unfortunately I’m not sure whether there are any such loving, caring, mutually beneficial, non-exploitative, homosexual relationships, explained by Ajahn Brahm. May be there are such but very few to be noticed.

I would not make generalizations or stereotypes regarding homosexuals but it’s worthwhile to look at these comments or rather advertisements made by some gay men on public forums.

“Im bottom gay. If u like to sex with me and u have a place plz send msg to me.... Age 17-28 good looking handsome guys plz msg to me... Frm colombo.. Aurudu 17-28i athara bottom gaylata kamathi guysla mata msg karanna. Mata place ekak na oyalata place ekak thiyenawanam kiyanna Colombo wala.”

“Hi, 25 yr old smart and handsome guy from colombo, Lookin to meet an athletic smart guy aged 19-28 for a…………………………………. Please inbox me. Thanks”

“Sepak gamuda? Mama rajagiriye. Pot ekak tiyenawanam. 0758****** cal me.”

“negombo-colombo atara ada night set wenna puluwan yaluwek inna wanm call karanda.

mama btm or 50-50 fun gannawa

30ykettu yaluwo (slim) yaluwo only......072*********”

“hi guys. Tnx 4 the add. I like to meet u and hve a blast. Im 24, bottom frm mt lavinia. Preferece wil b given to foreigners.”

“hi I am from Sri Lanka at Colombo or Matara my age 29 hit 5.4 west sis 28 – age 19 - 35 I like to Bottom boys its 50% & 50% I m 100% top ok my cook sis 7.4inch nice to meet u call may Mobil”

These are very few to be shown as a typification. These messages are made as advertisements describing their physical attributes or the physical attributes they prefer. Such as the size of their organs, or what role they would like to play in an anal-intercourse. Their profile pictures would make flashy, fleshy, semi-nude, nude or pornographic pictures to attract sexual partners.

Buddhism’s tolerance on Homosexuality is thus exploited by gay-propagandists. They go on to an extent to say that Buddhism approves homosexual relationships of any kind. They use the growing popularity of Buddhism to propose that homosexuality is natural, innate and attempts to change such behaviours through reparative therapies are futile.

Brahm did not say that homosexuals are born that way. He made an assumption. There is lots of emerging scientific findings to confirm that homosexuals are not born that way.

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