A reply to Lakbima's Article - Disgraceful media bigots hound a gay man by Ranga Jayasuriya


I write this post as a reply to the above linked news paper article published by the Lakbima, newspapers. This article justifies the work of COJ on fighting HIV in Sr Lanka,but I'd like point out whats really going on there. I think it’s very futile for Companions on a Journey to provide condoms and gel to homosexuals as a way of “fighting HIV/AIDS, when they try to help the causes which spreads HIV. We should treat the root cause not its side effects. I commend the COJ’s effort to fight HIV/AIDS. But at the mean time issues such as promiscuous sexual behaviour and addiction to sex should be prioritized. Which, I think, is almost ignored and sometimes promoted by the majority of gay community in Sri Lanka. Monthly gay parties with free offering of alcohol can be cited as one such example where unsafe sexual behaviour and promiscuity is promoted. One other thing-- I think it would be irrational to predict that a drunkard would consider protection when having sex.

In order to be politically correct, I don’t really care what homosexual do, until they keep it inside their bedrooms. What is more harmful than homophobia is he gay activist’s unscientific effort to normalize homosexuality, which is indeed a threat to any community.
There is a huge dissimilarity between a homosexual and a gay person. The term “gay” is socially constructed. It is arbitrary built by gay activism as a normal,healthy and legitimate life style. There are ego-dystonic homosexuals (Look at World Health Organization’s classification of mental disorders) who would benefit from reparative therapy but the so called gay organizations which says that they stands for “equality” unscientifically criticizes such therapies saying that they are harmful. I think such organizations are gate-keepers, which prohibits and denies an individual’s right to choice. In fact they are not harmful and practiced by the vast majority of mental health professionals in Sri Lanka as well as in other parts of the world.

May be the Health ministry and other organizations doesn't have in-depth understanding about what’s really happening in the gay community in Sri Lanka lead by foreign funded organizations such as COJ. Thanks to Rivira, now the ministry know and I heard that they have taken measures to look in to the matter.

I absolutely disagree when you say “Sri Lanka has been credited for its low HIV/AIDS prevalence rate, largely due to the thankless service being delivered by a host of organizations, including Companions on a Journey”. It is truly the social values, religious values morals and ethics we have brought forward and protected for centuries. Regrettably COJ and some other organizations working for international funds are consciously or unconsciously tryies to infiltrate the social order which protected Sri Lanka from HIV/AIDS for centuries. These facts were proven by the various international and local researches conducted to find the reasons for low prevalence of HIV in Sri Lanka.

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Neil Wistor 2011-10-10 18:19
Oh, and the Rivira said they recieved no complaints? Not surprising! I emailed the person who wrote the article to express my annoyance (to the address given in the article) and viola-- it was FAKE.
I have met many homosexuals in my life, both in Sri Lanka and abroad. And you know what, they're great people. Who CARES what the root causes are? If it allows to be happier and productive people, let them be that way! And almost all of those "health risks" can be applied to straight couples who have anal sex too.
Unbiased mental health professionals who inquire with an OPEN MIND have accepted that homosexuality isn't a mental disorder. At the end of the day, you're discussing about fellow human beings, just remember that.

I don’t think it was a fake email address. I also tried to contact him and experienced the same thing. Turned out that they faced a technical problem. Yes you might have met SOME homosexuals who are happy. Can you guarantee that they will be happier in the future? Or are you psychic to know that they are truly happy. Psychologists and various researches shoes that homosexuals have a poor quality of life. And that smoking, alcohol and drug abuse is high among them. Another cliché tactic of gay-activism : desperate effort to find loop holes within the heterosexual community and trying to compare the issues with heterosexual relationships. Besides, Gays have anal sex because they don’t have anything else to do. So the problems are high among them.
homosexuality per-se is not a sexual disorder. I agree. It is an ethic for the therapist to respect the patient’s right to remain homosexual or not. The therapist must proceed accordingly.

Arthi 2011-10-10 09:45
And if a community is at a high risk then it's a responsibility for a government to protect them from the disease. Do u know y gay men who have sex with men are at a high risk getting HIV ? it's b cos anal sex. y ? this muscle tissues in anal area is soft than a virginal muscle tissue. So if a man and woman has anal sex they are at high risk as well. And men are very much active when it comes to have sex. not only gay men straight men as well. That's y female sex workers are also a high risk population. and if a man doesn't wear a condom when he have sex with a sex worker he can get infected very easily as well. So are u gonna start a campaign against it also ? we cant stop 2 adult ppl having sex. that's their personal choice. but all what we can ask is to be protected and make it possible. And "Men who have sex with men " (MSM) not only gay men. It can be 2 straight men as well. it's only the sex act.

I agree Arthi. Yes that’s why HIV is high among homosexual community. And don't forget the bisexuals too, they work as a link between homosexuals and heterosexual transmitting HIV to heterosexual community. Don’t be a slave to your personal desires or choice. Rapists, pedophiles, murderers also act upon their personal desires and choice. But do we justify them? And don’t try to make stereotypes such as all the men likes have anal sex. Even though rare, there are loving, kind, and caring relationships among homosexuals, where no anal sex is involved.

Lakshmi 2011-10-10 09:39
.You haven't responded to some of my questions or come clear on what your agenda is. But i think you should start a campaign to stop all social gathering - Gay and straight as a way to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS - this is going back to your comment about Gay parties. ( and in case you dont get it - i am being sarcastic and trying to point out how absurd some of your arguments are) So you claim that the root problem is GAY men? What shall we do ? You can spend your lifetime trying to 'cure' the world of Gays but they are here! And they are proud. They have been here since man was around... and they will be here long after both you and I are dead. So here is a suggestion - Quit being stupid!

@Lakshmi – You asking me to quit being stupid sounds very desperate. And trying to generalize my views on "all social gathering" is illogical and absurd. Your reply is a good example for “attacking the person instead of attacking his argument. And NO,I never said that the root cause is "GAY men" You are trying to distract me by lying. Focus!! We are not talking about population crisis. Com-on Don’t be lame. I never asked anybody to stop being gay. (Although its possible most of the time) According the COJ’s report- Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in the gay community, gay identified men, and Men who have Sex with men in Sri Lanka “rates of unprotected sex with men among-st this population remain high”. That’s why COJ has come forward to fight HIV/AIDS. The root cause is the promiscuous sexual behaviour promoted by the so called gay organizations in Sri Lanka. You can ask a police officer around Galle Face hotel if you are not sure--- There were many incidents where gay men were caught having (unprotected) sex out in PUBLIC.

On the historic facts-- What makes you think that having a historic background makes something right. In the past rulers of Ceylon had polygamic relations with lots of women, now we don’t do that. Grow up and focus??

Arthi 2011-10-10 09:34
I would like if Lakbima or Rivira can make a platform for mental health professionals rather than for people who are just politically motivated and biased."
Now tell me to which category u fall in to this. ur a "mental health professional" ???? or just a boy who cant accept ur sexuality cos of the social or family pressure ? If u are accusing the gay activists ur doing the same thing been homophobic. ur arguments are simply confusing saying that ur not homophobic. ( bit stupid also ) If ur not homophobic u will just leave the people to be who they are and mind ur own business. but ur not. U have a blog which quotes misleading therapies which have been used very long time back. The mention therapies DOES NOT CHANGE A PERSON'S SEXUAL ORIENTATION.prove it by a WHO link since u show the world u know about mental health very much. And u are just challenging the Health ministry standards of Sri Lanka. Y dont u go and ask for a director post there. Lol
For Vishwanath's INFORMATION.... Will a High court will mislead the public in India ?? Stop spreading false information.. Be responsible.. ur playing games with innocent peoples lives...

@Arthi- I quote "The World Health Organization's ICD-10, which is widely used internationally outside of North America (where DSM-IV-TR is used), states that "sexual orientation by itself is not to be regarded as a disorder".it lists ego-dystonic sexual orientation as a disorder instead, the diagnosis for which is when "the gender identity or sexual preference (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or prepubertal) is not in doubt, but the individual wishes it were different because of associated psychological and behavioural disorders, and may seek treatment in order to change it."" I agree, I don’t fit in to any of those groups you mentioned but I’m not gay or homophobic so I can be objective unlike you. Creating such a platform will definitely thwart the views bring forward by people like you. Besides you can ask any mental health professional to make things sure. You can even look at the APA and WHO manuals. Arthi U asking me to get a directorship sounds funny and embarrassingly desperate. (Like the last time someone like you wanted me to change my religion in to Christianity) lol Yes female sex workers too. May be that’s why prostitution is illegal in SL and in most parts of the US.
About the court rule. It was a political decision. Law is no always just. That’s something taught in Law it self. Yes polygamy, prostitution, pornography is legal in some parts of the world too. But do we approve of such things?? NO.

Ziggy 2011-10-10 09:22
@ Vishwanath - Yes, the gays that don't want to be gay, or ego-dystonic homosexuals, are free to try and change their sexuality if it makes them happy. That's free will. But a higher percentage of gays wish to remain gay, in the same way most straight people wish to remain straight. These are the people that Rivira is targeting, which is, as you so aptly put it - 'just politically motivated and biased'. If Rivira went through the trouble of consulting mental health professionals, they would be much more well informed, and would not have much ground to stand on in publishing such false information on their publication in regard to homosexuality.
Again @ Vishwanath - by your same purposeful and prolific thinking, it also makes sense to say the same thing about the global population crisis (7 Billion and counting, remember)
Every possible Family Planning org in the world knows that men having sex with women are the reason for skyrocketing populations around the world". So we should seek whatever solution you are insinuating with these people too I guess?

I have never said anything against the distribution of condoms. It's good. But it'll be better to treat the root cause rather than merely vending condoms. Why don't you ask a psychologist or a psychiatrist to publish an article.

@Ziggy – Im not sure on what grounds you say that “higher percentage of gays wish to remain gay”. Are there any professional research about that. Id like to see. As I said earlier there is a difference between being gay and being homosexual. And yes,Rivira had consulted a mental health professional(Which was published on Rivira) and I’m afraid he disagrees with you and agrees with me.Your argument is so bizarre that I don't know where to start. Population growth is a separate matter. Don't confuse yourself.

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