Live and Let Live

In order to be politically correct, or on humanitarian grounds one might say “yes” to homosexuality. The (APA) American Psychological Association is the prime example. Their stance on homosexuality is made on humanitarian and political grounds but not on science. If homosexuality is classified as a disorder it will further upset the homosexuals. They indirectly support reparative therapy. I hope that they will stress more on reparative therapy in the near future. Anyway APA is just one psychological organization limited to USA. It would not be wrong to say that most of the members of the APA accept reparative therapy since only less than 1/3 of APA members voted to remove homosexuality from classification of disorders. The US government and the World Health Organization are not by anyway linked to the APA. The issue is that there are individuals (mainly adolescents) who look for a way to get out of homosexuality. Many youths google the web for reparative therapy since it’s the most open and the most confidential way to get information. Unfortunately most of the web articles are wrong, outdated and biased. This is very harmful. It will DEPRESS the seekers of reparative therapy. It will deny them of effective help to their problems. They will live the rest of their lives in half-life, become drug-addicts (including alcohol and smoking) or might eventually commits suicide. Therefore crusaders of gay-activism must at least welcome the individuals who want to change. Admit their existence. That’s the way to live and let live.


  1. Let's suppose for argument's sake that homosexuality is changeable through reparative therapy. What is the POINT though? If homosexuals can be happier as homosexuals, and be productive people why go through the whole fuss of changing them? Why should they change? Just because the society wants them to act differently?

    I am gay, and I know many gay people. I don't want to be straight. Being gay is a part of me, and if I'm not gay I wouldn't be... me.

    The problem isn't homosexuality; the problem is people thinking homosexuality is a PROBLEM. It isn't, though, really. In fact I'm thankful that I'm gay. Being gay allowed me to see the whole world differently. Now I understand what it is like to be different, and I have become a much more open-minded and I have learned to empathize with others without being judgemental.

    Please, just me one good reason WHY I should change.

  2. Can homosexuals be happy as homosexuals?? I don't think so. The research shows that quality of life of the gays are poorer than heterosexuals.

    You may continue to be gay if you want. But gay activists keeps saying that therapies are wrong and dangerous. I am the living proof to prove on the contrary.

    Yes may be the way you see the world is limited. Sometimes we suffer without our knowledge.

    Hatred is bad. Discrimination is bad. Lying and misleading also are bad.

    You should meet a qualified psychologist and talk with to know whether you have reasons to seek change or reasons to stay gay. They will not try to change you if you don't want to change.